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Mango Mousse Delight!

28 Mar

Summers are almost here and so is the best part of summers – juicy, yummy mangoes! During my visit to the supermarket I couldn’t keep my eyes off fresh alphanso mangoes. I quickly picked up 2 and knew what I was going to do with them – make this summer’s first mango mousse.

Mango season doesn’t last too long so it’s important to make the most of it and make as many desserts as you can with this delicious fruit.

Get started with the mango mousse because it is one of the easiest mango based desserts to make.

Ingredients (Makes approximately 20 small cups)

2 mangoes

500 ML fresh cream

75 grams sugar (adjust sugar depending on sweetness of the mango)

1 large egg

1 teaspoon gelatin (optional, read pointer below if you are not using Gelatin)


Step 1

Use 300 ML of fresh cream and whisk it with an electric mixer for atleast 15-20 mins until its thick and whipped. Ensure you take  a break after 10 mins because most hand electric mixers should not be used for more than 10 mins at a stretch. If you are lazy to make whipped cream at home, you can buy whipped cream straight from the super market too.


Bring the cream to this consistency when whipping it

Step 2

Cut one mango and mix it in a bowl with the remaining 200 ml of cream and mix well.


Cream and mango mix

Step 3

In a bowl mix one egg with 75 grams of sugar with an electric mixer until light and fluffy.


Beat until eggs are white and fluffy

Step 4

Mix the whipped cream, fresh cream and mango mix with the eggs and sugar with a spatula.


All ingredients mixed together

Step 5

This is when the gelatin goes in so it is important to get this step right. Take water which is almost 3 times the quantity of the gelatin and boil it. Mix the hot water in the gelatin and stir fast to get a smooth mix of liquid consistency. Pour it in the mix.

Step 6

Set the mixture in smaller cups and refrigerate for atleast 4-5 hours.


You can use a lot of innovative ways to decorate your mango mousse. I chose to place a dollop of whipped cream and a piece of mango on top and it was perfect:)

Ensure you serve the mousse straight out of the fridge, nice and cold!


Chilled Mango Mousse

*You can replace Gelatin with Agar Agar. If you do not want to use either, ensure  your whipped cream is thick and you refrigerate the mousse for atleast 8 hours.

Photo Courtesy: Manu Prasad


The Baker Showcase in Bangalore

25 Mar

Bangaloreans were in for a treat on Saturday! 20 talented home bakers were under one roof at The Baker Showcase displaying the yummiest delights. There was enough and more to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and there were quite a few savory options too.

The bakes did not only look gorgeous, they even tasted great. What caught my eye was the level of innovation all around! Every stall had something new and unheard of, whether it was their fusion recipes, creative packaging or just their perfectly made bakes!

One of my favourites out of the 20 was ‘The Dessert Island’. Being a cola and chocolate fan I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cupcake – the chocolate cola cupcake made my day.  The texture of the cupcake was just right with a subtle blend of cola in it. The icing was to die for..not overly sweet, just the way I like it. The little cola gummy bear and cut straw on top gave it the perfect finish. Their red velvet in a jar also deserves a mention.


The yummy cola cupcake

My other favourite was the mini macaroons at Delicies. They were just so appealing that I couldn’t help but pick up some and they totally lived up to my expectation.


The cutest macaroons!

What I did miss out on was Miss K cupcakes. I heard a lot of people raving about it. No wonder their stock was almost washed out by the time reached!

I was also awestruck with the packaging at The Sugar Goddess. Everything just looked SO beautiful, including their visiting card 🙂


It was a Saturday evening well spent with beautiful bakes and it did do a lot of good to my Dent Sucree (Sweet Tooth) 😉


Red velvet shots

24 Mar

After making my red velvet squares I realized I had a lot of smaller chunks of red velvet cake left and in no particular shape. I hate wasting the left overs after getting my cake in the perfect shape. I had some cream cheese mix left too and that’s when I decided to make red velvet shots!


The left over pieces of red velvet cake

Step 1

Use all the left over chunks of your red velvet cake and crush them well


Crush the pieces with your hand

Step 2

In shot glasses, place a layer of red velvet crumbs, a layer of cream cheese mix on it and another layer of red velvet.


Layer in the shot glass

Step 3

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours but ensure you put a lid on to your shot glasses or your red velvet cake will loose  moisture.

So next time, don’t trash those side pieces of your cake, you can well make another dessert out of it 🙂


Rich red velvet squares

23 Mar

When I hear red velvet, I often picture a cupcake or a gigantic red velvet circular cake. This time I thought of making red velvet squares. The recipe is not very different from the classics but adds a bit of newness compared to the usual.

So get ready with the below ingredients and it won’t take you anything more than half an hour to get this beautiful dessert together!


For the red velvet cake

2 large eggs

155 gms sugar

110 gms flour

50 gms unsalted butter

20 gms cocoa powder

1 teaspoon red velvet gel

For the topping

Cream Cheese



Step 1

In a bowl beat the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until the eggs are light and fluffy


Whisk eggs and sugar well until they come   to this colour

Step 2

Mix water in the cocoa powder to make it semi thick and then pour it into the bowl with the eggs and sugar. Put all other ingredients in the bowl and mix it well. BUT do not overmix.


Mix all ingredients together

Step 3

Butter a tray and pour the red velvet mixture in it. The layer should not be very thick. Now let it bake at 180 degree C for 15-20 mins. Poke a toothpick inside after 20 mins to check if it is done.


Before and after baking

Step 4

While the red velvet is getting baked, get your topping together. In a bowl, mix cream cheese and sugar to taste and whisk until light and fluffy.


Cream cheese and sugar mix

Step 5

Pull the red velvet out of the oven and let it cool. Once cool, cut into equal square shapes. Spread the cream cheese on one square and place another square of red velvet on top. Spread some more cream cheese and garnish with crushed red velvet crumbs.


Layer the cream cheese on the red velvet squares

That’s it, you’re set for a lovely treat 🙂


Your beautiful red velvet squares are ready!


The MUST bake Chocolate cake

22 Mar

You cannot NOT learn to bake a chocolate cake, it should be on everyone’s bucket list!

There is something about a chocolate cake that can never go wrong because it is loved universally. It’s that one cake that people grow up baking and watching their mommies bake. There are so many recipes for chocolate cakes because every household has their own version but if you haven’t tried baking a chocolate cake yet, here is a simple recipe that can win you lots of praises and get you started with baking.

Try this recipe and when in doubt, bake a classic chocolate cake with ganache 🙂

Ingredients (approx 1 kg, makes 8 slices)

For the cake

200 gms plain flour

200 gms caster sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

40 gm cocoa powder

175 gms unsalted butter

2 large eggs

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

50 ml milk

For the chocolate ganache

200 ml fresh cream

200 gms dark chocolate

The ingredients

The ingredients

Step 1

Getting the mix together for a chocolate cake is simple. Simply mix all the ingredients for the cake together and use an electric blender to get a smooth mixture.


This should be the consistency of the cake mixture


Step 2

Butter a baking tray and pour the mixture in it. Preheat the oven and place the cake mixture to bake at 180 degree C for 30-40 mins. After 30 mins poke a toothpick inside the cake, it has baked perfect if the toothpick comes out clean.


Set the cake mixture in the baking tray

This is what the cake should look like when its out of the oven

This is what the cake should look like when its out of the oven



Step 3

To make the chocolate ganache pour the cream in a bowl over a double boiler. Add chunks of the dark chocolate until it melts completely.  Take it off the double boiler and let it cool.


Process of making the chocolate ganache


Step 4

Once the cake and chocolate ganache cool, spread the chocolate ganache on the cake.


Chocolate ganache spread over the chocolate cake once cool


You can do various things to beautify your cake, regular icing gets a bit boring so I chose to place some chocolate cigars and they look great on the can try the same too 🙂


The cake is ready!


Say ‘Cheeseeeeee’ Cake!

21 Mar

Cheesecakes are the easiest kind of cakes to me when I say that! A lot of people look at me in disbelief but it’s true! Cheesecakes require fewer ingredients compared to regular sponge cakes and you do not have to worry about the ‘right’ baking time. My personal favourite is the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake and it’s tough to go wrong with this one. Here is a simple recipe that can help you make the perfect Oreo Cookie Cheesecake.

Ingredients (Makes approximately 1 Kg of Oreo cookie cheesecake)

2 packets of Oreo biscuits (Preferably with chocolate filling inside)

400 gms of Amul or any other Cream Cheese of your choice

30 gms of unsalted butter

Heshey’s Chocolate Syrup

Granulated Sugar (to taste)


Ingredients for the cheesecake

Step 1: Setting the base

Crush all the Oreos in a mixer to get a fine texture.

Take 2/3rd of the Oreos and add melted unsalted butter in it and give it a good mix. Keep the 1/3rd portion of crushed Oreos aside.

Grease your baking tray with butter and set the Oreo-butter mixture in it. Form an even layer that covers 1/4th of the baking tray from bottom.

Place it in the fridge and let it set for half an hour.


Well crushed oreos


Oreo and butter mix set in the tray

Step 2: Mixing the cream cheese

Place all the cream cheese in a mixing bowl and add some crushed Oreos and granulated sugar to it. Do remember that the base and topping of the cake will be sweet so refrain from making this mixture too sweet.

Give the ingredients a good mix and whip together


All ingredients mixed together

Step 3: Baking time

Pour the cream cheese mixture on the Oreo base and bake it for 15 mins at 180 degrees

Pull it out of the oven after 15 mins and let it cool


Bake it at 180 degree C for 15 mins

Step 4: Topping it right

Once cooled, sprinkle crushed Oreos on the cream cheese and splash Hershey’s chocolate syrup over it.


Top it with crushed Oreos and Hershey’s Chocolate syrup

Let it refrigerate for good 8 hours so it sets perfect!

Pull it out of the fridge after 8 hours and yayyy! Your Oreo Cookie Cheesecake is ready.


Take special care of the following

*Ensure you use a baking mold/tray that can be detached from the bottom. It is NOT possible to pull out a cheesecake upside down.

*Take the cheesecake out of the refrigerator just before serving. The cream cheese may melt if kept outside for too long.

*Over baking or not adding enough butter to the crushed Oreos  for the base (Step 1) can make the crust of the cake very hard and difficult to bite into.