Age No Bar!

16 Apr

I’m starting the ‘passionate bakers’ series on my blog by featuring a women worth looking up to, not only because of her successful cupcake venture, but also because of her humility with which she bakes and keeps her customers happy. I hope the features in this series inspire all the budding bakers…

I remember when I first visited Cupcake Noggins in Koramanagala, what caught my eye was the super cute pink sign board and the youthful interiors. The gorgeous cupcakes and innovative flavours added to my belief that this place HAS to be a brain child of an early-20 year old someone.


Out of curiosity, I went on their website and to my surprise found out that the lady behind this lovely place is Mrs. Leela Thomas who recently turned 66! What made her start this venture over a year ago at the age of 65? How does she compete in this competitive industry and how does she keep up with all that is happening? I visited Mrs. Leela to chat about all this and more…

‘Passion’ makes the world go round..

I stared at Mrs. Leela after hearing her first statement! With a smile on her face she effortlessly  said “I’m not passionate about baking”. In my head, I had a million questions for her already, but the first one – then how do you do it everyday!? With the same smile on her face she added “I’m passionate about making people happy and baking is one of the things I do to make people happy”. She was never a baker in her earlier days but loved to cook for people around her. It was this passion that kept her love for cooking alive and today lead to this successful venture.

Even at the age of 66, Mrs. Leela spends  over 8 hours in the kitchen. She says, all the hard work in the kitchen feels worth the effort after seeing and hearing words of encouragement from her happy customers.


Mrs. Leela John of Cupcake Noggins

Learning to make cupcakes…

Mrs. Leela recollects that back in the days it was extremely difficult to find a perfect recipe. With no internet and people unwilling to share their ‘secret’ recipes, for the longest time she could bake only two or three different types of cakes. She had never even heard of a cupcake or tasted one until her daughter; Shema showed her a picture and the recipe about 2 years back. She recollects “Once I tried the first cupcake, I just felt that grace fell into my hands and I did not look back”. I believe her when she says that, because her cupcakes are truly divine!

She keeps herself updated on the latest flavours with regular updates from her daughter and grandchildren who surf the internet often and give her constructive feedback on her baking.

An advice to young bakers…

If passion is all you feel for baking, do it as a hobby but not as a business!  Mrs. Leela speaks from all her experience and tells me “Passion alone can create a pass-time but not a successful business. To turn your passion into a successful venture you need to be extremely organized and professional.  You should be ready to serve your customers with all humility and treat them as king. At the same time you need to be practical about scaling up your business. One cannot do everything alone and you should have enough help with you”. She tells me that Cupcake Noggins would have never happened if her daughter and grandchildren hadn’t encouraged her and lent their help to this venture.

Her dreams for Cupcake Noggins…

Though Cupcakes have always been the bestseller at Cupcake Noggins, Mrs. Leela is now experimenting with many other recipes, especially Cheesecakes which have received phenomenal response. She plans to add more products to the menu with her undying quest for innovation and trying out new recipes.


Some of the delicacies at Cupcake Noggins

Being a baking enthusiast myself, it was a humbling experience to meet this graceful lady. If you live in Bangalore and haven’t tried her cupcakes yet, I strongly recommend that you do:)

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