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Fruit Loaded Pancake!

27 Oct

Weekends call for indulgence, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could add a healthy twist to kick start your weekend? My fruit loaded pancake might just be the answer. It’s so simple to make, trying it on a weekday is not a bad idea either. In just about 15 minutes you’ll have a healthy breakfast option ready.

To get started , here are the ingredients you need  for the pancake (serves 1)

3/4th Cup all purpose flour

2 teaspoons melted butter

1/2 egg

1/4th cup milk

2 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder


For caramelized fruits, use any fruits of your choice and dice them. I chose apples, bananas, oranges, pomegranate and kiwi.  Also keep 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of butter ready.


Step 1

Mix all the ingredients for the pancake batter together. The consistency of the mix should be semi liquid. Ensure it’s not too watery or not too stiff.


Step 2

Now to caramelize the fruits, heat some butter and sugar in a pan. Toss the diced fruits in it and mix it together in a medium flame. Cook the fruits until they start oozing out some juice and the sugar has completely melted and mixed with the fruits (be careful not to overcook and don’t let the fruits turn brown). Put the caramelized fruits aside in a bowl.


Step 3

I chose to cook my pancake in the same pan which I used to caramelize the fruits so the leftovers of the caramelized fruits could lend some flavour to the pancake while its getting cooked, I strongly recommend you do the same. Heat some butter and pour the pancake batter in the pan. Let it cook till both sides are golden brown.


Step 4

This is an optional step, while some choose to spread butter on their pancake, I had to do something to fulfil my chocolate craving here, so I decided to spread a generous helping of Nutella.


Step 5

Place the caramelized fruits on top of the pancake and drizzle some Maple Syrup or Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup on it.  That’s it, now go dig into your Fruit Loaded Pancake!



When In New York, Eat Dessert First!

25 Oct

Soon after booking my tickets to New York I was already dreaming about all the food I was going to binge on there, specially the desserts. There’s so much to the dessert culture of New York, so much to explore and ofcourse SO many yummies to try.

So there we were, my best friend Naimeesha and I on a mission – on the streets of New York at 8.30 am on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning. Our first stop – The Diner on 9th Ave in Soho where we ordered a gigantic blueberry pancake. We had our doubts about finishing it, but before we knew it the pancake was gone.  It almost melted in my mouth and the fresh blueberries added so much texture to every bite.


We had the rest of the day planned and it was pretty simple – eat, walk, eat, walk and keep doing that over and over again. Next, we landed up in the bustling Chelsea Market, just down the street from The Diner. There were so many cute little, creative bakeries and I wanted to get a bite from each one of them.


A bright pink wall and irresistible aroma invited me into ‘Eleni’s’ bakery. Though my mind said “no, stop!” as I walked towards the counter to order my chocolate cupcake, my heart said “you would be a fool to say no to that piece of goodness”. Ofcourse, the heart won and how thankful I am that it did. It would be a shame to have missed that cupcake.


As we started walking again (barely ten meters) we made a quick pit stop at ‘Ninth Street Espresso’. After all, you can never be too full for coffee.


Turns out, the coffee did fill us up more than we thought and eventhough I walked into Magnolia Bakery, almost reached the counter to order but finally decided I had to walk more to digest all that had been binged on in the last two hours. I always wanted to hold that cupcake and sit right outside Magnolia Bakery with my best friend (just like Carrie and Miranda from the famous scene in Sex and the City) but well, maybe next time.


After many hours of walking around in Soho and an intentional light lunch, we walked into ‘Georgetown Cupcake’. That chocolate ganache cupcake had ‘bite me’ written all over it. Being a die hard chocolate fan, it would have been a crime to shift my loyalties to any other flavour. So I decided to get a bit greedy and get two cupcakes. My second choice was the ‘Key Lime Cupcake’ and I can proudly say that it was one of the best dessert choices I’ve made. The key lime left such an interesting, tangy taste in my mouth with every bite. What a perfect end it was to an absolutely ‘sweet’ (literally) day!


I just about managed to scratch the surface of New York’s best bakeries with this dessert expedition, just can’t wait to visit again.