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Strawberry Goodness!

9 Jan

Strawberries are such a burst of flavours! They have so much to offer – sweetness, tanginess, a surprise element and so much visual appeal. That’s why strawberries are my absolute favourite dessert fruit. This time while craving for some balanced flavours which do not leave an overly sweet or tangy taste in the mouth, I decided to make a Strawberry Shortcake.

Ingredients (For the shortcake, makes about 8 of them)

Flour – 340 gms

Caster Sugar – 2 teaspoons

Salt – ½ teaspoon

Unsalted Butter – 120 gms

Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

Milk – enough to make the dough moist


Ingredients (For the topping) 

Fresh Strawberries

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Sauce (Optional)

Step 1

It’s best to get the shortcakes ready first since they need some baking time. Put all the shortcake ingredients together and mix it to make a dough. Remember not to over knead. Once done, put it aside in the fridge for about half hour.

Once out of the fridge, roll into small patties and place on a buttered tray or butter paper. Bake the shortcake for 15-20 mins but ensure it doesn’t become very crisp.


Step 2

While the shortcakes are getting ready, cut fresh strawberries and get whipped cream ready. To serve, cut the shortcake into two halves. On one side place whipped cream with a piping bag and place fresh strawberries on it.


A little bit of chocolate makes everything better for me so I topped my shortcake with some Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Such a treat this one was!