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The India Depressed Cake Shop!

16 Nov

‘Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts’. I’ve seen this line in many posters at cake shops and I couldn’t agree more. Many of us often pick up a dessert to lift our mood when we feel low. But what about those who live in a state of distress day in and day out? On 16th November, desserts played a big role in making a difference in their lives. Lavonne decided to raise awareness and support a global movement for those suffering from depression and mental illnesses by organizing a one day pop up cake shop – The India Depressed Cake Shop in Bangalore. The idea was simple – every baker in the city who wanted to support this cause could volunteer to display and sell their goodies and the proceedings would go to an organization named ‘Medico Pastoral Association’.

When so many bakers come together, ofcourse there has to be a creative twist. The only condition was to ensure all desserts have an element of ‘grey’ – a colour to signify depression. Over thirty bakers from the city came together to support this cause and showcase their goodies.


Expecting to see a lot of grey colored desserts, there I was, ready to do my rounds at the stalls. As I started chatting with the bakers I realized how every dessert was so thought through and had a story behind it.

Sandhya, a software engineer by profession and a home baker (Cake My Heart) by passion told me about her ‘Vanilla Confetti Cake Pops’. Each one of them had a different shape but with pretty grey flowers on top to state that each person is different but pretty in their own way. And then there was her Chocolate Blackout Cake that was covered with glitter with a message that there is a bright side to everything that’s dark.


Similarly Purbasha of Sweet Nothings offered me a beautifully layered jar with a cinnamon infused biscuit layer at the bottom, a layer of dark chocolate cake and ganache and on top of was a layer of grey coloured Swiss meringue. When I dug into the jar for my first bite, pop came out a bright red cherry. The message she wanted to convey was simple – no matter how grey we feel on the outside, but inside all of us have a heart which is pretty similar.


It was great to see support with stalls by established names such as Chef Girish Nayak of Olive Beach, Monica Manchanda of Sin-a- Mon and Leela Thomas of Cupcake Noggins to bakers who have ventured into the baking world just off late. One such baker was Hajra who was filled with excitement to showcase a beautiful Ombre Cake for the first time, especially for a noble cause.


I absolutely loved the whole idea behind this pop up cake shop! It definitely made me give this cause a thought. Kudos to Chef Vinesh Johny, Jonnie Tan and the entire Lavonne team for bringing this to life.



The Baker Showcase in Bangalore

25 Mar

Bangaloreans were in for a treat on Saturday! 20 talented home bakers were under one roof at The Baker Showcase displaying the yummiest delights. There was enough and more to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and there were quite a few savory options too.

The bakes did not only look gorgeous, they even tasted great. What caught my eye was the level of innovation all around! Every stall had something new and unheard of, whether it was their fusion recipes, creative packaging or just their perfectly made bakes!

One of my favourites out of the 20 was ‘The Dessert Island’. Being a cola and chocolate fan I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cupcake – the chocolate cola cupcake made my day.  The texture of the cupcake was just right with a subtle blend of cola in it. The icing was to die for..not overly sweet, just the way I like it. The little cola gummy bear and cut straw on top gave it the perfect finish. Their red velvet in a jar also deserves a mention.


The yummy cola cupcake

My other favourite was the mini macaroons at Delicies. They were just so appealing that I couldn’t help but pick up some and they totally lived up to my expectation.


The cutest macaroons!

What I did miss out on was Miss K cupcakes. I heard a lot of people raving about it. No wonder their stock was almost washed out by the time reached!

I was also awestruck with the packaging at The Sugar Goddess. Everything just looked SO beautiful, including their visiting card 🙂


It was a Saturday evening well spent with beautiful bakes and it did do a lot of good to my Dent Sucree (Sweet Tooth) 😉