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A German Delight!

27 Dec

Tucked away in a quaint little nook in Whitefield is a refreshingly charming Café that will make you travel miles away into Germany. Joy Basu, who learnt baking during her stay in Germany wanted to create a place with food that makes people feel at home. Inspired by German flavours and baking techniques, Joy realized her dreams with ‘Café of Joy’ in Bangalore after bidding adieu to a successful corporate career.

From the time my friend and I walked into this café with pristine white walls and a hint of purple thrown in, we knew there was some good food in store.  The aroma of fresh bakes in this cosy café only affirmed our belief about what was in store for us.


This time I wasn’t on a dessert mission alone so we decided to catch a bite before getting to the desserts. We went by the first option suggested by Joy – a German flat bread pizza. With a generous helping of cream cheese and  roasted capsicum, caramelised onions and goat cheese topping, the perfectly baked ‘Flammkuchen’ (flat bread pizza) was undoubtedly the highlight of our meal.


Soon as I bit into the last bite of Flammkuchen, I had already short-listed the desserts in my mind. No dessert expedition is ever complete without some chocolate, and so the ‘Sacher Torte’ was the first to arrive on the table. The rich chocolate cake with subtle layers of apricot jam is topped with dark chocolate ganache, true to the traditional recipe. It’s a must try for chocolate lovers.


Just when I was convinced that chocolate was going to be the winner yet again, Joy brought us some Fruhstuck Kuchen (muffins) in two flavours – Pineapple & Oatmeal and Blueberry. What happened next is something that has never happened before – I abandoned the Sacher Torte for the Fruhstuck Kuchen (alas, chocolate lost this time)! Though muffins are common in most coffee shops in Bangalore, these German muffins are easily the most moist and flavourful ones, specially the Pineapple.


After a satisfying meal I walked out of Café of Joy  learning something new about my sweet tooth – chocolate doesn’t always have to win, given a fair chance other flavours can win over my sweet tooth too 🙂